Music for Cowboys & Aliens

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be working on the new Jon Favreau film Cowboys & Aliens with Harry Gregson Williams. The film stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford and is set in 1873 when a spaceship arrives in Arizona to take over the Earth, as they invariably do. The film is due for release on the 12th of August 2011.

We’ll be working on many parts of the score and so far have been concentrating on the dynamic action sequences, lots of mental sound design and alien battle sonics! We’ll post updates when possible but can safely say, it’s going to be massive…

Find out more on about Cowboys & Aliens on the official website.

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  1. Sweet :) But this is probably the most unsurprising news frmo you guys. Everytime Harry’s doing a music score, you guys are always behind, helping him. Not a bad thing though :D

  2. Good news! How is Exile To Babylon coming along? Release on Kill City Recordings perhaps ;-)

  3. Great to see you’re working on big name movies!

    Searching Youtube for more Hybrid I found someone had put the tracklist for the new Fast & Furious movie OST on there – , are the ‘Hybrid’ ones by you?

    Will there be any Distinct’ive-era things on the new label or will they all be down to MRC?

  4. HGW is my favorite scoring composer :) Looking forward.

    PS Hybrid’s and HGW’s “Saladin” is great )

  5. VERY Cool!!!!

  6. Congratulations! This film has a lot of heavy hitters behind it and with stars like Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, it should be one of the blockbusters of 2011. I think Hybrid is on the verge of becoming the next Hans Zimmer of soundtrack composers. That’s just my opinion, I listen to hybrid as I write a SciFi screenplay. Kudos again.

  7. Hybrid is just hands down the best group out there..Dissapear here is off the charts

  8. Id like to know when your going to drop your next album like that one?

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