Hybrid Cover Finally Announced

A long time ago in a valley far far away, we asked you to help us choose a track to cover. Now due to a few reasons (one including a Mrs Susan Boyle) we had to keep this all to ourselves but now and thanks to you, we can finally give you a sneaky peek of our cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence’. No more silence from us and enjoy! The track is taken from the forthcoming ‘Classics’ album, due for release on the 30th of July.

Classics Tracklist for CD1:

01. Finished Symphony
02. If I Survive
03. True To Form (Acoustic Mix)
04. Higher Than A Skyscraper
05. Dogstar
06. Keep It In The Family
07. Just For Today
08. Formula Of Fear
09. Disappear Here
10. Break My Soul
11. Enjoy The Silence

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  1. Love it. This could have been a run-off-the-mill cover but Charlotte’s voice and your beats really make it special.

    A question about the classics album:
    - Since I already have most of the songs, will they be the same versions that were already released or are they different/remixed?

  2. Wooot! So if that’s the tracklist for the first disc, this must be the tracklist for the second one:

    01. Harry Gregson-Williams – Humvee Chase (Hybrid Remix)
    02. Suri Tribe – Komoru (Hybrid Remix)
    03. Satoshi Tomiie – Love In Traffic (Hybrid Remix)
    04. Harry Gregson-Williams – Caspian (Hybrid Remix)
    05. If I Survive (2003 Mix)
    06. Kill City (2004 Mix)
    07. Planet Funk – Everyday (Hybrid Remix)
    08. “Something REALLY rare that we’ll never find on the web.”


  3. Nice cover.

    How many CDs will this be and will there be some remixes? Will you do a full length version of Mr Smith?

  4. Hello,

    It”s awesome! Classics, no question!
    And what about CD2? :)

    Greetings from Hungary!

  5. And when will you release “Little Bit of This” ? It stuck with me from audioriver 2007 ;)

  6. OMG where can I buy/preorder this CD and when? The preview snippet sounds awesome!! I bought Disappear Here from Amazon in Germany last year, but I am in the US for a couple months and would prefer preordering directly with you, because you are just doing it right with the “Buy CD and get instant digital Download” thing! :)

    Keep rocking!

  7. Voice sounds off key on “Enjoy the Silence”, but otherwise the beat sounds good.

  8. Hmm, we’re pretty sure Charlotte was in C#minor… No auto tune here, baby. That’s just for the pop charts.

  9. it’s a great remix but………I’ll always prefer the original, as much as I’m a fan of just about everything you guys create.

  10. Cheers Franco, it would be pointless to try and top such an amazing record but hopefully we’ve done it justice with a more modern version. Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

  11. noooo i just seen full track list n no prince caspion or evacuating london :( ( but dam i cant wait for monday. love the cover cant wait to here the atmospherics leading in and maybe out of the full version, will this be playable as a band in a live set?. the orchestral cd will be so lush! give more granular/reaktor base!!! big thanks for all ur hard work over the years HSS may the creativeness never die.

  12. The perfect song covered by my favourite band, act, triplet?
    It’s also interesting to know that the girl I’ve fallen/falling for actually resembles the good Charlotte (I wasn’t actively looking, just to be clear on that).

  13. Hey guys, cover sounds amazing. Would love to know if you plan on making it a single, I would definitely buy a DJ-friendly version to play out. Your interpretation would be a monstrous drop in a set!

  14. so where is it???

  15. Where is it? I need it now…

  16. You all are, and shall forever remain, my favorite secret pleasure. Your cover of Depeche Mode is amazing.

  17. vagina stinky john digweed

  18. Will you be offering the full 4 disc album for sale directly from your website? I have seen it for sale elsewhere, but in digital download only I think. I’d prefer whatever deluxe edition there is to be (to have and to hold as opposed to a download). Will there be a wait between when it is released in the UK and when we fans here in the United States can get it? Thanks for all your amazing work!

  19. So my Classics Deluxe boxset arrived just before the weekend….no bonus 5th disc :( and I thought I was quick off the mark in ordering…I hope this is available at some point to purchase or at least download, even tho I much prefer to have something physical and shiny new ;) ;) ;)

    Now I have a hybrid disc for any mood…well chuffed in snagging one of the 500! Top work!!

    I really should go and see you live…no excuses apart from laziness…

  20. OMG If I Survive (VIP Mix), the one You played live. I’m blown away.

  21. I bought the album on iTunes and I FUCKING LOVE IT! Is it possible that you add the instrumental version of “Enjoy the silence” into iTunes or can you tell me where to get this version?

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