Ghost Recon – Soundtrack Now Available

The full score for Ghost Recon Future Soldier is now available to buy digitally from iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Play etc and includes tracks from us and Tom Salta. After working on the score from October to January, we’re thrilled that it’s finally been released. We’ve already dusted off the PS3 to try out the game, only to discover that things have moved on a bit since playing Gran Tourismo on a PS1 may moons ago! Below are a few clips from the score, we hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I can haz tweet button and Like button plz?

  2. Amazing/stunning/life-changing music as always guys! So glad you have it up on iTunes, buying right this minute! :)

  3. Seems to be a difference between what itunes(18 tracks) have and amazon (31 tracks). class stuff though.

  4. Love it, especiall #3 and #4! Keep up the great work guys!

  5. GOLLY GEE WILIKERS! Now look at what you guys have done! Right when everything was going as planned, you pull the rug out from beneath me. Now I’m going to have to make a new folder on my HDD and label it “NEW HYBRID.” You wanna know why? Well, this is just WAY too much for us… that’s why! 18 new hybrid tracks all at once?! I was happy with just finding Komoru for the first time. In any case, you two need to stay low for a little while now; let it all sink in a bit.

  6. Love the tunes as always, just picked it up!

  7. Breathtaking soundtrack, yet another example of you guys excelling yourselves yet again! “Silent Talon” is an absolute master class, as are they all. Can’t wait for a new album from the soundtrack to my life……HYBRID….nothing else matters…

  8. Like @benxtan says, pls do have some mechanism to tweet / like etc. Boys who don’t even have hair on their balls are calling themselves Composers, you shoud be proud boys.. Show the tools and we will promote ya.. Great fan !! Keep up the good work. All the best..

  9. Now down loading from iTunes. loving your field of work as its growing in so many different directions. Can’t wait to get my Bose out and check all the qualities tweaks and floating riffs.
    Fan-daddy sounds guys.

  10. I live my life by your music and have always been extremely frustrated by your lack of presence in the musical market. I believe this soundtrack will really put you on the radar and really raise awareness of the Hybrid brand. Every PS3 fan will buy this game and no other shooter has a score of this scale and impact. Sublime stuff as always, can’t wait to start Ghost Recon-ing along to it.

  11. Can’t seem to get the comments to work on the Classics page but the cover sounds great

    Shame about Susan Boyle, you could’ve done a duet I suppose. I bet she sings a mean If I Survive.

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