Ghost Recon Future Soldier Score

We’re proud to announce that the first trailer debuting our theme for Ghost Recon Future Soldier is online! Since October last year we’ve written over an hour of brand new music for the soundtrack. Those of you who are unaware of the game, it’s a tactical first person shooter produced by Ubisoft and is the next installment of the long running Tom Clancy franchise. This trailer is rated 15 so please be aware if you are under that age…

We’ve been given fantastic license to explore a very high-tech meets orchestral sound and have written some of our most explosive music to date. The score also includes music from Tom Salta. We’ll keep you posted on details of the release of the soundtrack and the game is due for release on the 25th of May.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Official Website.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Game Pre-Order.

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  1. Sounding very nice!

    Was really disappointed when I asked Ubisoft and they said they weren’t doing a soundtrack :(

    Please put some bits on at least!

  2. Nice :) really hoping for a soundtrack release!

  3. Would have bought it if it had a separate soundtrack… stupid Ubisoft.

  4. Ok, all that OST/cinematics stuff is great etc. but you released this fantastic Guy J’s Fly remix and went silent leaving us hungry for more. Make people sweat on the dancefloor and publish a new set :)

  5. So happy to see it appear on Amazon! Perhaps I asked the wrong people at Ubisoft?

    Can’t wait to buy it :)

  6. The soundtrack will get released on May 22nd ;)

  7. Errr…guys. It looks like they they are according to Amazon.
    You can preview the tracks as well. Its sounding absolutely fantastic and I cant wait for its release!

  8. Bonkers – I love the game, and thought it was you, been messing with ‘Sculpture’ Brilliant.

    You view of Tom Clancy world is so good, I thought for a moment someone in Holywood was challenging your prowess, glad to see and hear this is not the case.

    Hope I can catch youlive again some time, been a very long time since those up close and personal set’s in the Phoenix in Exeter.

    All the best, and much peace, love and good happiness stuff…:)

  9. There is a free to redeem Uplay offer that contains Wallpapers, Artworks and the official OST.
    You will need to buy the game first!

  10. Actually Ghost Recon is a third person shooter, not a first person shooter.

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