One of the first games to be released on Sony’s brand new Playstation 4 is #DRIVECLUB. We’re proud to show you the trailer revealed at E3 which features an edit of a new track from us called ‘Be Here Now’.

More to be announced soon…

Official Website www.driveclub.com

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  1. Dear Hybryd! Where did I get or buy this track? I LOVE IT!

  2. –Drum and Bass! YEAH!! First time you take it head on, if I’m not mistaken.
    Killer tune… Charlotte is spot on… can’t wait to here it full!

    That minute and a half made my day.
    It’ll be stuck in my head for a week.
    And if you’re coming out of the woodwork to announce a new album out in the coming months…
    That’ll make my year ;)

    Be Here Nooooow!!

  3. Hi Hybridsoundsystem :)
    I´m vergy glad when i see today in video description title of song … is really great.

    And I would be very happy if I could share this song first on youtube…
    Could you then please send it to mail? I will really appreciate

    Sincerely Mr.Tomi
    PS: Sorry for my bad english i´m from Slovakia :)

  4. Excuse me but I don’t mean to be rude but where the fuck is the track???

  5. So then, where can I buy this great track from?

  6. Hybrid goes to DNB? i like this! more of them!

  7. <3

  8. will you relase the entire song?


  10. Oh god, release this song now!


  12. I don’t mind dubstep and I get the whole keeping-up-with-the-masses thing, but what I like so much about Hybrid is that you guys have your own sound. Even though you’ve been experimenting over the years, there’s still that signature soul. And I can’t really find that in this song. I can recognize a hybrid song anywhere because it stands out. This, however, could have been made by any dubstep band/artist. It’s not bad, it just isn’t remarkable. I’m not against trying new things. It’s just that the dubstep bandwagon is already full of artists and it would be a loss if you jumped onto it as well.

  13. Is there anywhere I can purchase this song? I’ve watched this trailer like 100 times just because the song kicks so much ass.

  14. Thank you all for your comments, we WILL be releasing it soon and will of course let you know how and when as soon as we can. This is just a 90 second edit of the full track, there’s a lot more still to hear!

  15. This track is great! And that’s putting it mildly! Very, very forward))
    Sorry for the english, I write from Russia)

  16. be heeeere nooow
    come with meee
    how fast do you wanna go?!

    oh come on guys, release this track soon!

  17. Agree with Elin in a way – can usually recognize a Hybrid song easily but this one I wouldn’t have known… not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

    Charlotte’s collab with D*Minds was cool though so interesting to hear an all-Hybrid dnb song

  18. [...] bands, Hybrid have produced some music for the game. You can hear one of their new tracks in the Driveclub E3 2013 trailer. Hopefully, there will be loads of new stuff from them to enjoy while [...]

  19. Evening :) I’ll be honest guys – I actually primed myself not to like this. Hybrid go D&B? Hmm, I just…wasn’t…sure. However, one listen in and the old goosebumps appear! Hurrah! ;)

  20. I listen to Hybrid songs since Wider Angle releasing and I wished someday Hybrid will make DNB song, here it is! I LOVE You! :D
    P.S. Please don’t even think about Dubstep, can’t wait for the new album :)
    Cheers from Poland!

  21. Must, must, must be said:

    It’s Hybrid. If they’re going to do a track or an album that’s even a little bit DnB / Dubstep, they are going to BLOW everyone AWAY.

    Precedent: give a listen to “Blind Side (Widescreen Eclectro Mix)”, which has some of the best wubs around.

    Mike, Chris, and Charlotte know what they’re doing. Very excited for what’s next, guys!

  22. Whoever says this doesn’t sound like Hybrid obviously doesn’t know their Hybrid. Sounds great guys! Hope you tour L.A. soon. Haven’t seen you guys play live in years.

  23. Also, Hybrid has been doing the wobbles since the first album (Kill City anyone???), and before that if I’m not mistaken, just not in the capacity that dubstep does it on a the reg.

  24. “Whoever says this doesn’t sound like Hybrid obviously doesn’t know their Hybrid.”

    Right.. right.. apart from it’s dnb and though Break My Soul was close, their released stuff has never been dnb before.

    After E3 nobody was saying there was a new Hybrid song until it was announced and if it hadn’t been then I bet no-one would have known it was them.

    Everyone’s an expert with hindsight and I’m really bored of people on the internet showing off and boasting that they know so much more than everyone else. People don’t need to have heard everything they’ve ever done to know if they like the song or whether it sounds like Hybrid they’ve heard before and liked.

  25. Release the Kraken!! Err I mean the track!!

  26. Hybrid, take my money! This song is already in my head and I need all of it!

  27. TAKE ALL MY MONEYS!!!!! just give me the track!

  28. I really really am going to be disappointed if we have to wait till November 15th the PS4 release date to buy this song.

  29. still waiting for the track hybrid people!!

  30. Hi Hybrid!

    It’s November 20th. I thought that the release date was to be Nov 16…maybe I’m wrong.
    Wot – no song?

    The release date of the game, DriveClub, seems to have been set at April 1, 2014, according to Amazon.com. Has Sony put the release of the song on hold too?

    Thanks for any info’ you can share with us!

  31. Well it’s 23 November and the track still no where to be found :(

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