Classics Boxsets – Limited Edition

For anyone who missed out on a copy of the 4 CD boxset from Distinctive, we now have limited copies available directly from our online store. We also have a range of iPhone cases and printed canvases of the album’s artwork available via Society6 in the US. The boxset comes with an autograph from all three of us and can be purchased HERE.

We can’t currently offer the release digitally for download but if you’d prefer to buy any of the 4 CDs online, you can do so directly from these retailers :

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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to buy this box set but it`s already out of stock, wanted to know if it will be available soon? Want to buy it very much, please help =(

  2. Ivan: I don’t know if they have any left but you could try Distinctive, click on Buy Box Set at the bottom of this page

    Love the box set and the new backgrounds on here!

  3. I just came here to tell you that Formula of Fear (Armchair mix) is faaaar beyond awesomeness and it’s in Top 3 tracks you ever made! Srsly

  4. When are you guys coming to Eastern United States? Dying to see you live!

  5. I would like to thank you guys so much for releasing these packs digitally also. This is one of the neatest collections I’ve gotten in so long and it’s been an absolute joy to finally get a hold of all those rarities: everything from the two VIP mixes, and the instrumentals to all the cinematic takes on classic tracks. Thanks again!

  6. Boxset is out of stock everywhere.. not a surprise..
    Any suggestion where could I buy one at this stage pleeeeeeeease?

  7. I Can only Say THANK yOu guys!! I met you in Sevilla in 2004 (I’m from Barcelona). I don’t know if you remember me… The fan girl Who told to the staff I Was your virtual manager.. Ahaha just to talk a bit With you before you made the set. I have every mix you make, every new single or cd… Stikers on my car.. You guys are the best musicians of the world. I have a dance school (DRISS DANSA, in Sabadell city) and you must know That you are very important on my festivals.. I’ll be in london on 30th december 2012 till 6th january 2013.. So I’d like to know if you will be there on these dates.. I need to hear you one More time!
    THANK you so much
    Berta Guillem

  8. Hey i am trying like a freakin mo fo to find a remix (sure it is a hybrid remix) of your own finished symp. The only way i can describe it is’ ‘dirty’. Like the dodgy section of a double drop cica 90 when it got a bit too much- and you kinda went under, eyes rolling, slight shakes then you pulled your shiz together and got your swag back lol. Well it sounds like that used to feel. kinda dark, a bit twisted, but beautiful. Please help- i have been dying to hear it again for years and searched none stop. Go on, help me out!

  9. Hi there,
    Thank you for making your collections available!

    I would like to purchase /download sheet music for a specific Hybrid song – who can I contact please?


  10. Still loving the old stuff but hope you’re planning a new album for 2013? – a bunch of ‘Hybrid’ songs appeared on Juno this year but none of them are a patch on the real thing.

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