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Hybrid – Classics : Thank you for your help!

We’d like to thank everyone who so generously took the time to send us their thoughts on which track we should cover. Proof, if ever it was needed, that our supporters have impeccable taste in music (aside from the person who thought Joe Dolce ‘Shuddupayourface’ would make a great cover). We’ve had loads of fun [...]

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Hybrid – Classics : We need your help…

Distinctive are planning to release a Hybrid greatest hits album to celebrate our 12 years working together and although it feels slightly odd to have reached this stage in our career, we have released four albums of which we are very proud and this will be a fine way of showcasing some of the highlights. [...]

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  • February 15th 2014
    Silky Love & Asylum Afterhours

  • October 19th 2013
    Tonic Night Club

  • August 24th 2013
    Chinese Laundry

  • August 23rd 2013
    Mr Kims

  • July 20th 2013
    Circuito Monteblanco

  • June 30th 2013
    Glastonbury Festival

  • March 28th 2013
    Sound Control

  • March 9th 2013

  • February 2nd 2013

  • December 15th 2012