Blind Side : Free Download!

Any of you who have been following our recent activity on Twitter and Facebook over the past month will know that there’s been a new tune brewing. Blind Side will be the first track out the door on our label Kill City Records and we’re very excited to be able to offer you a free download of the tune in all its glory! It’s a preview from the full release we’re planning at the end of April.

The full release will include numerous remixes and alternative versions but until then, you can get hold of the tune here on our website by clicking on the ‘Get Blind Side Now’ button to the right.

We’ll be debuting the track during our live set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this month and will be videoing the event for posterity, however we cannot do this alone and want to include your footage too! If you have some video you’d like to share of us playing Blind Side at Ultra, you can upload it by clicking the link below. The footage will be edited into a live video which we’ll post soon after the festival. We can use practically any type of file, from HD cameras to iPhone / Smartphones.

Click HERE to upload your video.

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  1. Hi Stanislav, I think that can be arranged! Details of remixes and alternative versions coming soon.

  2. I have to say, I’m not really that surprised to see some older fans complaining about the direction that you guys have taken with your studio albums, since they are far from traditional electronic fare—but I hope more than anything that you keep on this path, because it is brilliant and rare.

    I’ve been listening to you guys since at least Wide Angle, and each new album sounds and feels even better than the last: more composed, more complex, more soulful (especially with Charlotte’s amazing vocals). Every time a new album is released I think it can’t get any better than the last one, and every time you guys manage to blow my mind. This new single is no exception.

    Disappear Here and Break My Soul / Numb are some of my favourite tracks of all time from *any* artist—and while I know a lot of people idolise you guys for your amazing uptempo dance tracks, I really hope to hear more of those kinds of tracks in the future. There’s something unique about your music, especially since I Choose Noise, that resonates with me emotionally in a way that most music doesn’t.

    Keep up the awesome work. I look forward to hearing you play live someday.

    (P.S. A slightly odd topic perhaps, but *thank you* for producing music that actually has dynamic range instead of compressing every single track to hell. Seriously. I mean it.)

  3. [...] : Track Release Date : 15-03-2011 Quality : mp3 / 320 kbps Size : 14 Mb PlayTime : 06:16 Download : Hybrid : Myspace / Facebook / [...]

  4. Hi Mike

    I just wanted to write a comment after seeing some of the negative ones here. I discovered Blind Side from the music video @ Vimeo. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Charlottes vocals were amazing and the track was hypnotic.

    Normally I just listen to EDM and not much sole artist material. I make an exception for you guys and always have since your very first album. Please keep inspiring me.


  5. [...] : Track Release Date : 15-03-2011 Quality : mp3 / 320 kbps Size : 14 Mb PlayTime : 06:16 Download : Hybrid : Myspace / Facebook / [...]

  6. I second everything that Michael said!
    You and Charlotte actually managed to make me apreciate vocals on a track! I’ve been hating vocals since the late 80s but the Disappear here album played on my car for over 14months on a row! I had never heard an album more than 3-4 times on a row EVER! smokin awsome! keep on the revolution! love your stuff! more cinematic, complexity, depth and that thrilling void in the bottom of our stomach! oh, it’s like wingsuit flying… ;)

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