Black Treacle (Summer Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD

Thought it’d be nice to have something downright dirty for the summer, so we put this mix together as all these tunes are big favourites in the Hybrid studios and they generally get a pounding out of the speakers on a daily basis. Please download and enjoy them as much as we have, plus more to follow…….!!

Hybridians x

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  1. Great comeback from the grave/sleep(?). Fantastic set, loving the first part especially. Take care and give us moar!

  2. Glad you like it! Not sleeping, or dead for that matter… Busy bees in the studio, lots of new shiny things to follow soon.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with your fans! Much love, all the way from Florida! Looking forward to another album. I introduced you to a friend of mine at work and he was hooked. I’m letting him borrow all my CD’s. He really liked “Last Man Standing”!!!

  4. Mama mia ! Extraordinary music ! It has been so long since the last album I can’t wait to hear the new “shiny things” :)

    Greetings from France !

  5. Can you folks list what artists/tracks were used in this mix so I could hunt down some more of their work?

  6. Mark – they put the track list on Soundcloud:

    1.Ruben Samama & Pivot Audio – Helio
    2.Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)
    3.Emperor – Dust & Echoes 2
    4.James Blake – Retrograde
    5.Koven – No Blocks
    6.Koven – More Than You
    7.Organikismness – Into Beyond (Original Mix)
    8.Black Sun Empire – Killing the Light (feat. Inne Eysermans)
    9.Calyx & Teebee – Pure Gold
    10.Emperor – Jackhammer
    11.Enei, Drs – The Moment feat. DRS (Original Mix)
    12.Mefjus, InsideInfo – Mythos (Original Mix)
    13. Optiv, CZA – Journey Inwards (Original Mix)

  7. This is awesome! Your style resonates through this mix. Thank you for sharing, nice to get a taste of something behind the scenes. Cheers!

  8. Please release new material soon guys. I seriously need my new Hybrid fix. Your fans around the world are dying for more :)

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